The Lost Kingdom

When a Fairy Godmother wannabe wants to prove her worth, she accidentally unlocks magic in our world, turning normal people into fairy tale heroes.
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 Game Premise

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PostSubject: Game Premise   Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:09 pm

The premise of this game was inspired by a mixture of Ever After High, Mercedes Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdoms series, Disney's Descendants, Diana Wynne Jones'' Howl's Moving Castle, and Hallmark Miniseries The 10th Kingdom.

The concept of mingling fairytales is nothing new but that doesn't mean its fun and this one is for ADULTS!

Meet Amber

Amber is a Fairy Godmother-in-training. At least she used to be. But when she fails her graduation test for the 100th time, the Headmistress decides she just doesn't have what it takes to be a Fairy Godmother.

Devastated, Amber knows that if she just had her own charge that she could prove to the world that this was what she is destined to do! So, for the first time in her life, Amber breaks the rules.

Stealing a coveted and powerful wand that is only issued to fairies who pass the graduation test, Amber steals away into the secret room holding the Book of Fairy Tales. Every kingdom in the Five Hundred Kingdoms has a copy, guarded by the storykeeper - the Gatekeeper of their realm. It dictates to every Fairy Godmother when a new Cinderella or Frog Prince or any other such famous character is born and needs their assistance.

A princess needs her prince? A fairy godmother is there. Royalty a little too spoiled, well, she'll be right there to turn him into a beast until he learns his lessons.

All Amber needed  to do was find herself a Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, help them find their Happily-Ever-After, and the Headmistress would see that she was a diamond in the rough. She did feel just a tiny bit guilty of sleeping the sleeping spell laced strawberry shortcake to the Storykeeper, however. (This would not have been such an easy task but Amber knew most everyone at the Academy having been the longest student in attendance in their history.)

Opening the book, she flipped through its sacred pages. So many kingdoms... The Fairy Godmother Academy was the only place in all the 500 Kingdoms that held a Book of Fairy Tales for every kingdom. Each one unique and yet the same. Which to choose? Where to travel? These were more then simple books, these books connected with the identical books of their kingdom, allowing fairy godmothers to travel almost instantaneously between the academy and their assigned kingdom.

Amber flew around the room, fluttering from book to book, so quickly she became dizzy. Smashing into a shelf, it teetered and tottered and fell over with a resounding smash, revealing a hidden mirror.

Curious, Amber flew to it, touching its smooth surface. It began to swirl and glow. A magic mirror. Well that was to be expected here.

A buzz with excitement, she flew through it, finding herself in a dark room. The only thing inside was a podium on which was a dusty tomb. A Book of Fairy Tales. And it looked like it hadn't been touched in ages.

Now surely there would be someone to help there. But why had it been so thoroughly hidden away? Amber's pilfered wand glowed as did the book.  It fluttered opened, the pages flying. This had been a world without magic for so long, too long, and it wasn't letting this fairy godmother get away.

The next thing Amber knew she was being sucked into the book, trapped until the Storykeeper of this strange, new world opened the one on the other side.

Once Amber entered the real world with her wand, magic entered our world once more.

In a world where Fairy Tales were just stories, now the descendants of these famous characters are destined to relieve their ancestors stories. Will they change their destined course or stay true? And can they survive with such a clumsy fairy as their only guide to their new powers?


So you can pretty much pick some of your favorite fairy tales and have them start to come true here in our world. You can do the Disney Version or the more tradition Brothers Grimm, etc. If you want to do a particular fairy tale, you must email us what version you're wanting to use for approval, so we can make sure we don't have a thousand Little Mermaids and Rapunzels, etc.

Your character can either be a decedant and start reliving their ansestor's stories or their life can be so much like a certain fairy tale, that strange things start happening:  Like someone who has lived a Snow White-esque life might find her stepmother is suddenly trying to kill her and eat her heart while these short guys are looking for a roommate, etc.

We're looking to do this for older characters, with the average age being between 23 and 35. You can do younger and older, but we're leaning toward older.
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Game Premise
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